This site is directed to both individuals looking to improve their lives, as well as professionals (therapists, law enforcement, etc.), looking to enhance their ability to help the people in their professional interactions. It is also for those who wish to understand and learn how to negotiate successfully in business and day-to-day life.

J. Paul’s first-hand experience has made him an expert in victim psychology and the ways victims can “un-hostage” themselves from feelings of powerlessness, hopelessness, and reclaim the power and control they once had. His lectures, seminars and one-on-one sessions help discouraged and unmotivated individuals rediscover their self-worth and take action to create their destinies. He discovered these methods by examining the behavior in hundreds of victims and moving them past feelings of victimization, to feelings attributed with being super survivors. His book, “Take Control of Your Life” [] describes in detail, step by step proven methods on how you too can reclaim your power and control, and “un-hostage” yourself from whatever thoughts are keeping you from achieving what you want in life.

We are all on our own unique journey. Regardless of the past, we all have an inherent right to be happy, and the power to create a brand new way of embracing our lives – the lives we are so richly meant to live. It is, and can only be found within you. Are you:

  • Regularly discouraged by thoughts that keep you from taking chances and risks for your happiness and what you want in life?
  • In an abusive relationship that has you feeling like a victim whose power and control has been taken from you by the one person you trusted the most not to mistreat you?
  • Feeling a lack of confidence and defeated, as though you don’t measure up and have abandoned even trying to get that job, win that love, reach that goal, and live a full and happier life?

If so, I invite you to explore my site further, learn about my experiences and start living the life you deserve today.


A survivor of child abuse, Paul was determined at an early age to make a difference in other people’s lives. At 21, he joined the police force and soon became a decorated police detective. His passion to help others led Paul to become an expert in several specialized areas of police work, including hostage negotiation, sexual assault and child abuse investigation, international peacekeeping, interrogations, and polygraph, also known as lie detection.

Paul discovered that using respect and openness in all negotiations, he was able to get people to open up to him and disclose their deepest, darkest secrets. He attributes respectful approach with saving him from death at the hands of terrorists while on mission the Middle East in 2005. Later that year, Paul successful negotiated a terrorist off of a plane and into custody with no loss of life – there were 350 people on board. Paul now teaches businesses how to succeed in negotiations using proven principles and techniques developed by the FBI and other hostage negotiators. He is a sought after motivator and keynote speaker.

Paul’s extensive experience and training taught him about human nature, our innate will to survive, individual perspectives, choice, determination, acceptance, risk, and making hard decisions.

Paul is also professional film and television actor, and a consultant for many major news networks such as CNN, the National, CityTV and Global on the topics of Hostage Negotiation and Terrorism. His first book, “Take Control of Your Life©,” was published in 2015 and is dedicated to helping people un-hostage themselves from self- defeating thoughts, beliefs or relationships, and taking back power and control.

Example of a Keynote Topic:  Stories from the Field: Hostage Negotiations applied to Business Problems

Paul’s work as a Hostage Negotiator taught him the Behavioural Change Stairway Model: 5 key steps meant to result in positive change in times of crisis. Getting into the mind of the person on the other end of a deal requires a deep understanding of motivation, communication, and human instinct. In this keynote, Paul will share his lessons on how to remove roadblocks in the process of negotiation and reach consensus.

Looking for a keynote speaker on successful business negotiating using hostage negotiators tips and techniques or turning conflict into opportunity?


Whether you are experienced or new to negotiating, Paul’s keynote lectures on how to successfully negotiate business and personal deals is a must hear. Using the “secrets of a hostage negotiator”, Paul can guide you through the negotiation process, teaching you and your team what truly works in getting to “yes”. As a hostage negotiator, “NO” is never an option. It’s simply a starting point. The keys to success are within your reach. Paul has lectured globally and can help you at your next event and/or meeting. You can reach Paul by emailing him at or