“Take Control of Your Life” is not simply a how-to book for motivation – it introduces a new paradigm to shift ones way of thinking and successfully unlock the readers full potential to free themselves from the cages that once held them captive.

Praise for ‘Take Control of Your Life’

“Have you been taken hostage – by yourself and your ceaseless negative self-chatter? If so, J. Paul Nadeau has a message for you: you, and only you, can rescue yourself from the iron chains of self-sabotage and a negative self-perception. To some, that might sound discouraging – even frightening. Yet, as Nadeau forcefully points out, it is a profoundly liberating realization. Hostage of the self is a choice; so is freedom of the self. What Nadeau does – and in riveting form, no less – is show you how to move from self-sabotaging behavior to an electrified life charged with hope, resilience, and personal power. If your life has been listlessly adrift on a turbulent sea of self-doubt and self-destruction, then Take Control of Your Life will be a lodestar guiding you to a fulfilling path of self-actualization.” Emily Lyons, Founder and CEO at Femme Fatale Media Group Inc.

“In ‘Take Control of Your Life’, emerging author Paul Nadeau provides a compelling road map to a happier, healthier self by unlocking our understanding regarding how we mentally sabotage our own thoughts, and how this sabotage corrupts our beliefs and our actions. Through his own life story and broad experiences in the law enforcement world, he offers clear explanations and straightforward solutions to the self-destructive thinking that is at the heart of the ‘victim’ mindset. The insights presented throughout this book should be understood by every person on the planet!” Jacques Dallaire, Ph.D., President – Performance Prime, Author: “Performance Thinking and “Helping Kids Perform – Mental Skills Every Parent, Teacher, and Coach Should Master!”

“If you feel you are having your life hijacked and held to ransom by the people and circumstances around you, then this book will give you a new awareness of the power you truly have to take back control of your life. A must-read manual for creating the life you want.” – Mark Bowden, co-author of Globe and Mail Bestseller, TRUTH & LIES

“Rich with personal and professional experience, Nadeau has crafted a handbook full of signposts that help us navigate not only the world but the roads and roadblocks within. Loaded with unexpected turns and surprises, ‘Take Control of Your Life’ is a great tool with touching stories”. Yannick Bisson, Actor/Director/Producer of the international hit series “Murdoch Mysteries”

“J. Paul Nadeau’s “Take Control of Your Life’ takes the reader on an important journey of self-inquiry and inspirational decision making. Too often our shortcomings in life are a by product of how we perceive ourselves in the world, and what expectations we set to maximize our own potential. Looking at ourselves positively and dedicating our lives to being the kind of person we want to be has a profound impact on the outcomes we achieve. Using his significant law enforcement and hostage negotiation experience, Nadeau shows us how so often we hold ourselves hostage to negative self-perception and fear of being challenged. He describes what we need to do in order to perceive ourselves positively so we can control our own destiny and achieve our goals.”Take Control of Your Life” shows you how to avoid taking yourself hostage and how you can take charge of being the person you want to be. I recommend this to anyone trying to improve themselves and achieve the success in life they seek.” Gary W. Noesner, Chief, FBI Crisis Negotiation Unit (retired), Author of “Stalling for time: My life as an FBI Negotiator”

“There’s an avalanche of books claiming to hold the secret that will snap the chains that hold you hostage to yourself. But there is only one J. Paul Nadeau, a man who has risked his life fighting terrorism and successfully negotiating international hostage takings. His dangerous work has made him a master of human psychology. ‘Take Control of Your Life’ is like no other self-help book. No fluff. No woo-woo. You will experience a chilling event in Jordan where Paul Nadeau almost lost his life; you will learn and grow from the wisdom Paul gained lying helpless in the desert sands of Jordan. Paul’s book offers you nothing less than the real keys to self-empowerment. Anyone who desires growth, success, and deep personal enrichment deserves to own and read Take Control of Your Life by J. Paul Nadeau.” Louis Di Bianco is an entrepreneur who helps people create success through the power of storytelling. He hosts an inspiring podcast, Change Your Story, Change Your Life.

“J. Paul Nadeau has experienced things in life that would make your jaw drop. His stories are straight out of Hollywood movies and their corresponding lessons are unforgettable. He has slid across life’s most razor-sharp edges and has the scars to prove it. And with each new life changing moment, J. Paul Nadeau has discovered insights to the human experience that we can all learn from. It is impossible to read this book and not feel inspired and driven to take control over your future and to experience the success and joy that happens when you do.” Stuart Knight, Award Winning Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker


There are two kinds of hostages: Those who are physically seized and deprived of the choice to move about freely and carry on with their lives, and those who are mentally held captive by the thoughts that deprive them of the ability to choose the best for themselves and to achieve their dreams and goals.

As a former police detective, hostage negotiator and international peacekeeper, J. Paul Nadeau spent more than 31 years working with victims and learning from top experts in abuse, hostage-taking and human behaviour.
And, as a survivor of physical and emotional abuse by an alcoholic father, he experienced first-hand the loss of hope and destructive internal dialogue that can immobilize as effectively as any prison. These inner “hostage-takers” rob us of our power to make positive changes, often leading us to simply give up and accept our fate.

In Take Control of Your Life, J. Paul Nadeau combines his personal experience, stories and insights to share practical tips that anyone can use to overcome the self-sabotaging thoughts and attitudes that prevent them from achieving their dreams.
Hostage to Myself can help you free yourself from whatever is holding you back and keeping YOU hostage.

Learn how to:
• identify the root cause of what’s holding you hostage
• gain the courage to take action and reclaim your personal power
• recognize and overcome “learned helplessness”
• take positive steps toward freeing yourself from your sabotaged state
• rid yourself of guilt, fear, self-pity and inaction

About the Author

For over three decades, J. Paul Nadeau has studied the dynamics of achievement and self-worth. As a decorated former police detective and Hostage Negotiator with more than 31 years of law enforcement experience, he has amassed considerable specialized expertise in hostage and crisis negotiations, international peacekeeping, homicide, and sexual assault/child abuse investigations. He has received several noteworthy awards, including recognition by the United Nation’s International Peacekeeping Branch. In 2005, he successfully negotiated the peaceful arrest of a suspected terrorist who had made threats aboard an Air France 747. Today, he is an admired international instructor, major news consultant, lecturer and motivational speaker. He was a featured TEDx Toronto keynote speaker in 2015 and received a standing ovation for his talk on ‘Finding Humanity in Terrorism’. J. Paul is a thought leader whose first hand experience in dealing with adversity and the adversity of others throughout his rich career has taught him about human endurance and the ability to overcome. Take Control of Your Life is his first book.