“Hostage to Myself” is not simply a how-to book for motivation – it introduces a new paradigm to shift ones way of thinking and successfully unlock the readers full potential to free themselves from the cages that once held them captive.

Praise for ‘Hostage to Myself’

I’m not typically big on “self-help” books, but this one I like. It draws on the author’s own experience as a police detective, hostage negotiator and international peace keeper, and – perhaps most critically – as a victim of abuse and sabotage at the hands of an alcoholic father. In this book, the author, J. Paul Nadeau, introduces a new word into the self-help lexicon: “hostaging”, i.e. the idea of being taken captive by our own thoughts, regardless of their source or origin. The real-life stories of victims he encountered and lived experiences, and the lessons he drew from those experiences about setting ourselves free from these paralyzing emotional chains, is what this book is about. Included as a bonus is an Appendix contributed by David Gilbert, Integrative Therapist, in using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) to accelerate the process of finding your freedom again. This is a book you will want to read.

There are two kinds of hostages: Those who are physically seized and deprived of the choice to move about freely and carry on with their lives, and those who are mentally held captive by the thoughts that deprive them of the ability to choose the best for themselves and to achieve their dreams and goals.

As a former police detective, hostage negotiator and international peacekeeper, J. Paul Nadeau spent more than 31 years working with victims and learning from top experts in abuse, hostage-taking and human behaviour.
And, as a survivor of physical and emotional abuse by an alcoholic father, he experienced first-hand the loss of hope and destructive internal dialogue that can immobilize as effectively as any prison. These inner “hostage-takers” rob us of our power to make positive changes, often leading us to simply give up and accept our fate.

In Hostage to Myself, J. Paul Nadeau combines his personal experience, stories and insights to share practical tips that anyone can use to overcome the self-sabotaging thoughts and attitudes that prevent them from achieving their dreams.
Hostage to Myself can help you free yourself from whatever is holding you back and keeping YOU hostage.

Learn how to
• identify the root cause of what’s holding you hostage
• gain the courage to take action and reclaim your personal power
• recognize and overcome “learned helplessness”
• take positive steps toward freeing yourself from your sabotaged state
• rid yourself of guilt, fear, self-pity and inaction


• Includes a chapter by integrative therapist David Gilbert on how to use the healing power of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), an acupressure and positive affirmation system that well-known surgeon and author Dr. Mehmet Oz routinely uses in his practice to help his patients optimize their emotional health. Says Dr. Oz, “more than any traditional or alternative method I have used or researched, EFT works.”

Praise for “Hostage to Myself”: “In ‘Hostage to Myself’, emerging author Paul Nadeau provides a compelling roadmap to a happier, healthier self by unlocking our understanding regarding how we mentally sabotage our own thoughts, and how this sabotage corrupts our beliefs and our actions. Through his own life story and broad experiences in the law enforcement world, he offers clear explanations and straightforward solutions to the self-destructive thinking that is at the heart of the ‘victim’ mindset. The insights presented throughout this book should be understood by every person on the planet!”
Jacques Dallaire, Ph.D., President – Performance Prime, Author: “Performance Thinking – Mental Skills for the Competitive World…and for Life!” “Helping Kids Perform – Mental Skills Every Parent, Teacher, and Coach Should Master!”

About the Author

For over three decades, J. Paul Nadeau has studied the dynamics of achievement and self-worth. As a decorated former police detective and Hostage Negotiator with more than 31 years of law enforcement experience, he has amassed considerable specialized expertise in hostage and crisis negotiations, international peacekeeping, homicide, and sexual assault/child abuse investigations. He has received several noteworthy awards, including recognition by the United Nation’s International Peacekeeping Branch. In 2005, he successfully negotiated the peaceful arrest of a suspected terrorist who had made threats aboard an Air France 747. Today, he is an admired international instructor, major news consultant, lecturer and motivational speaker. He was a featured TEDx Toronto keynote speaker in 2015 and received a standing ovation for his talk on ‘Finding Humanity in Terrorism’. J. Paul is a thought leader whose first hand experience in dealing with adversity and the adversity of others throughout his rich career has taught him about human endurance and the ability to overcome. Hostage to Myself is his first book.