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Every job has its challenges. As a world-leading hostage negotiator and criminal interrogator, J. Paul Nadeau’s daily challenge was to get suspects to admit to heinous crimes, free hostages, and surrender to the police. For sales professionals, the challenge is to get clients to say yes and sign on the dotted line. Although the stakes aren’t entirely the same, you can use Paul’s unique approach to understand human behaviour and negotiate with confidence and to win. Drawing on 30+ years of experience, including the “secrets of hostage negotiating”, Paul will walk you through his tactical, step-by-step negotiating approach and scientific techniques that won him a 100% success rate in hostage negotiations and a 95% success rate in criminal interrogations. Closing is not only an art — it’s an art and a science. It takes establishing trust and rapport, asking open ended and direct questions, reading voice and body language, adapting to cues, and handling objections. Your journey to success as a negotiating professional is in your capable hands. Paul’s lectures are roadmaps to help you get there. Paul now lectures Internationally on how to negotiate for success, using the best known techniques available. Please contact Paul directly for a quote.

What people are saying about Paul:

“I have reconnected with day time TV and caught an interview of Paul speaking about hostage negotiations and his book on Rogers TV. What I found most interesting was the concept of making ourselves hostages to our own fears and self-doubts. I relate to this significantly after ensuing a year of abusive behavior from my previous boss. I know that many struggel with this same inner conflict. I find Mr. Nadeau is very well spoken, experienced, insightful and very knowledgeable in his field. Wish I could say I had the pleasure and honor of meeting this man. He is incredible and an inspiration to me. I sent his videos to my previous colleagues who are still working with my ex-boss. I want them to know that while the risks might be great, they have choices, and they can free themselves”.