J. Paul (Jean Paul) is a retired Police Detective and Hostage Negotiator who completed an exemplary 31 year police service career, specializing in several areas of law enforcement and International Peace Keeping. Among the areas he has specialized in are:

Hostage and Crisis Negotiations

Domestic Violence Investigations and Training

International Peace Keeping

Counter Terrorism (Jordan, 2005)

Homicide Investigations

Sexual Assault/Child Abuse Investigations

Professional Interrogations and Polygraphs

Paul has been awarded the highest recommendations from the International Peace Keeping Branch, United Nations, and is now an admired international keynote speaker who specializes on helping businesses discover how to negotiate for success using hostage negotiation methods and principles. He is now an international business negotiations keynote speaker and teaches “secrets of a hostage negotiator”: proven principles and tactics designed to win. He is a dynamic personality who for over three decades has studied the science of achievement and self-worth, sharing his knowledge first hand with people who needed it the most.

As a child, J. Paul, his siblings and mother were physically and emotionally abused by his alcoholic father. In school, he became conditioned to believe he was worthless and that he would never amount to anything. He had no confidence and self-prophesized failure. That all changed in grade 7 when he discovered he could change his destiny and made it his mission to turn HIS life around. J. Paul proceeded to get his dream job and fulfill the promise he had made to himself as a boy; to arrest people like his father. Once he became a police officer, J. Paul set the bar even higher for himself and went on to become a subject matter expert as a Hostage Negotiator, Detective, International Peace Keeper, and instructor. The many specialized areas he worked in provided him with first-hand experience on how to help, understand and influence others. He is credited for having saved countless lives and for providing hope and direction to those who had lost it.

Today, J. Paul is the proud father of two incredible adult daughters, continues to lecture globally, was recently featured as a featured speaker at the 2015 TEDx Toronto conference TEDx J. Paul Nadeau October 2015 and provides live on-screen consultation to several major news networks as a hostage and terrorist expert. He recently completed his premier book “Take Control of Your Life” [link: http://amzn.to/2Id6KWz]. J. Paul is now a much sought after keynote and motivational speaker whose experience and understanding of human behaviour and influence without manipulation is welcomed by businesses and audiences of all walks of life. He is writting a second book on how to negotiate in business and in life using tactics and principles of hostage negotiating.

Jean Paul’s Unique Offering

J. Paul has the ability to connect deeply with people from all walks of life. His warm smile and power-building words motivate people to take action despite their roadblocks, fears or adversity in life. His vast knowledge and achievements separates him from the pack; he has sat across from those whose lives were once shattered and helped them put the pieces together again.

His passion and energy motivates audiences to move beyond their perceived limitations and take risks to get what they want. His charisma and honesty help transform ordinary people filled with self-doubt and discouragement into extraordinary achievers by using his own life and in-depth study of others’ challenges to build a method that works. He teaches people the critical importance of identifying who the enemy is, and how to plan against their attack.

J. Paul is committed to motivating and training today’s generation to be winners and to choose how they want to live – and then achieve it. Despite one’s past, J. Paul teaches us how it does not have to define the future. Paul’s business negotiations keynote speaker lectures on how to negotiate in business will help any negotiator get better results – results that lead to success and lasting relationships. And that simply makes good business sense.