Hire a former Hostage Negotiator and TEDx speaker to speak at your next business event

Keynote speaker for Business Negotiations and Turning Conflict into Opportunity 

“Paul Nadeau is a guy that will keep your audience captivated.  His stories are out of a Hollywood movie and their corresponding lessons are unforgettable.  As an expert communicator and negotiator Paul will help your audience understand the essence of building important human relationships that will ultimately lead your organization to a higher level of success!”

Stuart Knight – Author/Speaker

~ Welcome to Take Control of Your Life ~

Rich in valuable content and direct experience from J.Paul Nadeau, this site will transform how you view yourself and your capabilities whenever you find yourself ‘hostaged’ by one of life’s so many hostage takers.

From time to time, each of us is held hostage by the voices in our heads that tell us we’re not good enough, effectively keeping us captive in a cage of our own making. Drawing on his own upbringing and the insights he gained working with real-life victims, former hostage negotiator and International Peace Keeper J. Paul Nadeau shows us we are all capable of freeing ourselves from the fears and self-doubt that are keeping us chained.

By following the simple and tested guideposts set out in his popular book “Take Control of Your Life©” and/or by booking a telephone appointment and one-on-one consultation with Paul, he will help set you on a path of personal success and teach you how your individual power and control can and will set you free, despite your life challenges and fears – whatever they may be. Your participation in making your life unfold the way you wish it to, is vital. And it’s not difficult. It is our responsibility to release all self-destructive thoughts and fears that prevent us from experiencing the joy we are worthy of experiencing, and Paul shows you how.

This is more than a “self-help” website. The uniqueness of the material, stories, and lectures is borne of real life experiences and observations – varying from observations of everyday challenges to those seen in extreme abuse survivors. “My objective is to help individuals release their own “personal hostage”, and guide the many professionals who may help facilitate that by sharing my vast experience and tried and tested methods to “make it so”.”

Additionally, if you’re looking to improve your skills as a business negotiator, Paul can help you do exactly that using many of the techniques he and the FBI have developed over years. His personal touch is drawn from his experiences as a hostage negotiator and professional interrogator. “No” is NOT an option in crisis and hostage negotiations – it’s simply a starting point. Let Paul help you achieve negotiation success – in life and in business. Paul lectures globally on the “secrets of a hostage negotiator” and is a sought after keynote speaker. His second book on how to negotiate for success is due late fall 2018. Contact Paul for price and lecture details at: paul@jpaulnadeau.com


Available as Softcover, Kindle.

“I’m J.Paul Nadeau, and now, after just over 3 decades of experience with varying degrees of “hostage” situations (both emotional and physical), I have been inspired to share my stories, experience, ideas and theories with you, to help both individuals and professionals find and enable the emotional power and freedom that lives within each of us and help you to live the life you deserve and were meant to live. We all have what it takes to live that life: we have within each of us the strength, abilities and desire for happiness, and we can overcome our own hostage triggers to move beyond our fears. The problem is that some of us don’t know how. We don’t have the map – the guideposts to get us there. I’ve personally witnessed it, and proudly facilitated many victims and people who had lost hope in finding their way to the emotional freedom that lived within each of them. I welcome you to experience this journey [follow this link to your copy of my book: http://amzn.to/1S5iEBZ] with me. You too, can find the ‘key’ and the road map to set you free.

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